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Parents and Students:

Welcome back to the 2013-2014 school year! I anticipate a wonderful year filled with great educational learning opportunities.

This site is a resource and tool for my students to use throughout the year. On it you will find anything from assignments, to worksheets, to resources for your studies. My website is an extension to the classroom and will be used on a regular basis by my students. Students will be required to complete some homework assignments on the web. These assignments give students the opportunity to share their thoughts and learn from each other. It is these moments where learning takes on a whole different dimension, and brings forth avenues of learning that would otherwise not be seen. As an educator, I seek these opportunities for learning and growth for my students. Technology is no longer a separate entity to education. It is the core component that drives the curriculum of my classroom.

Please note: All files on this website are either in .doc(x), .ppt(x), or .pdf form. Follow the links below for free programs to open these documents. ---A free replacement to the Microsoft Office Suite. ---A free PDF reader. --- Use Firefox if you are having problems downloading files. ---Needed to view certain aspects of this website - It's free! --- Use it to record audio. download version 1.3.14 installer

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The following links are my beliefs in education. Being a teacher, I feel it is important that one is aware of these and the expectations of my students in the educational setting:

Teaching Philosophy.pdf         Code of Ethics.pdf         Classroom Management Plan.pdf

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